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Ben Brady is a freelance illustrator  and woodcut artist based in Bristol, UK. 


Ben graduated with distinction from the Masters in Authorial Illustration at Falmouth University. During this time Ben necessitated a broad search for a distinctive ‘authorial voice’ through a range of media which has led to his current research and development in woodcut printmaking. 


Having produced a soft-back poetic graphic novel as a postgrad, entitled ‘Ever Northwards,’ both evocative and atmospheric in its imagery and text, his current aim is to further the complementary relationship of visual and written language by adopting woodcut printing alongside a written element.


Ben’s is a practice deeply involved in the process of drawing and image making that presents a kind of contemporary mythology. The poetic and the ambiguous, metaphor and analogy, are combined with graphic observations of society and culture with its multitude of entanglements.


The grounded, hands-on, and steady pace of printmaking has offered Ben the chance to explore further narratives whilst producing original imagery along the way, which can be enjoyed as is.

For commissions, collaborations, or any other queries, please do get in touch.



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